Target 3PL is proud to work alongside the award-winning Epos Now.   Used by over 30,000 businesses this cloud-based till system is the UK's largest epos provider. 

With an impressive excellent Trustpilot feedback score, Epos Now is recommended by 98% of its customers. Target 3PL has developed an API integration* between Epos Now and Target's warehouse management system which offers Epos Now users an option for outsourced warehousing and distribution.


A significant benefit of Epos Now is its ability to scale up alongside the expansion of a business. Having the ability to create and deploy retail locations quickly is a crucial cornerstone of Epos Now.

However, with the expansion of the front end of a business, this can lead to capacity, resource and supply chain issues in the back end. The ability to scale up warehousing and distribution accordingly to feed a growing retail empire can be a challenge for any organisation.

Target 3PL offers an outsourced warehouse and fulfilment solution to Epos Now's clients capable of stock deliveries to both store and retail customers for website sales. This allows a business to cope with fluctuating demands but avoiding the significant investment in warehouse premises, infrastructure and staff. .

A UK central warehouse

Operating from a modern, clean warehouse based in central England, Target 3PL can receive stock in boxes, pallets and container loads. Stock is collated, sorted and stored in known bay locations.

Stock can be stored by batch numbers or best before dates despatching oldest stock first

Target 3PL can offer other benefits such as pre-work and reworking of stock, customised despatch notes and returns management.

Real-time stock update

Real-time stock levels communicate between systems showing the available stock in the warehouse within Epos Now. When new stock arrives at the warehouse, this is instantly available to the stores for ordering in Epos Now. Also, Target3PL can integrate with most major e-commerce platforms, so stock levels are syncronised all at the same time.

Stock Movement request

Using the back office area in Epos Now, a store can request a stock transfer from the central warehouse to their location. This request is sent to Target 3PL for fulfilment automatically through the API. When the stock leaves the warehouse, the store will receive an email telling them it's on its way.

Internal PO requests

A new feature to be added to Epos Now is the ability to raise an internal PO to be sent from the warehouse to a store. Similar to Stock Movement Requests; however, PO'S benefits from added functionality such as auto-replenishment.

When creating a PO auto-replenishment will automatically request stock quantities based on Min/Max levels for a product line. This labour-saving feature will manage replenishment orders with ease saving admin time in store. The PO is sent electronically to Target 3PL for despatch directly to a store. As before an email will let the store know when despatched.

Discover how to palce a stocking order in 5 easy steps

E-commerce fulfilment 

Most bricks and mortar retailers will also have an online presence selling their products. Target 3PL can link with most e-commerce websites downloading orders and shipping locally and internationally.

Target 3PL can offer a part or fully outsourced central warehouse for Epos Now users. Through a simple onboarding process managed by Target's development team, the process is quick and straightforward for businesses.

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* The API app subscription is required in Epos Now.