We understand that outsourcing your warehouse and fulfilment to a 3rd party is a strategic decision which requires careful consideration.

Your business relies on its products being safely stored, handled carefully and shipped on time to the intended location. 

Your stock will be remote, not just in the back room anymore, and you will be liaising with an external organisation. At first, this might may seem daunting; however, we aim to make this process as seamless as possible. Moreover, we treat your products as if they are our own, and although we are an external organisation, Target 3PL will become just like your internal warehouse.

However, having an external relationship has other benefits. We will never forget that you are our customer and respect that we have service levels to maintain. Sometimes internal departments can become complacent and often intercompany issues or personal relationships can 'get in the way'. Of course, we know there will be problems, moving products around the world will always have issues; however, we approach our role wearing a 'solution hat' (when the stakes are high we've even been known to jump in a van and deliver products ourselves to make sure they get there, we did this for Goodbody Wellness when they opened their first store ).

A significant benefit for your business is the ability to scale your warehouse operation. The cost of a warehouse and staff to operate it is substantial and often prohibitive to many smaller companies. Target 3PL is happy to work with companies of all sizes.

You may be a start-up with minimal staff and physical space. Outsourcing your warehouse from the beginning allows you to focus on more the more exciting aspects of the business like product development, marketing and sales.

You may be an SME whose business is multiplying, and you need to expand quickly to keep up with demand. Conversely, of course, you might be looking for cost reductions to help stabilise the business, so removing a costly overhead may be beneficial.

You might be a corporate entity who is setting up a new division and wishes to outsource this operation as it doesn't fit with your traditional model or processes.

Target 3PL works with a variety of companies if you feel we can help you reach out and tell us all about your problems, and we'll see if we can help you solve them.