Our approach

Target 3PL is a leading third-party storage and fulfilment provider based in Daventry, Northamptonshire. We offer a fully managed warehouse and logistics solution for clients who require an external secure storage capacity in preference to running a warehouse.

Located right in the heart of the UK, with convenient primary road access, Target 3PL provides warehouse, logistics and tailored fulfilment solutions for a host of clients. 

Are you looking for:

  • Warehousing and fulfilment
  • Container, pallet or parcel movements
  • Pick, pack and wrap
  • E-Commerce fulfilment
  • Drop shipment provider
  • Integrated solution
Warehouse facilities

Target 3PL's warehouse in Daventry, Northamptonshire provides versatile and cost-effective storage solutions in the East Midlands. Situated in an ideal location for immediate accessibility and distribution via the major trunk roads in the UK. Products stored with us can be made readily available for collection or delivery.

The extensive warehousing facilities provide:

  • Warehouse stock management system with client login
  • Clean environment
  • Container, pallet and box handling
  • Racked pallet storage
  • Small bay storage
  • Racked pallet storage
  • Re-packing and re-palletising
  • Order picking
  • Re-work and pre-work
  • Returns managemen
Flexible Warehouse Storage

The flexibility of our systems ensures short, medium and long-term storage solutions are in safe hands. Selective order picking is fast, straightforward and precise.

Supply Chain Solutions

Target 3PL's storage services include the re-packing, re-palletising, preparation and barcoding of items, ready for dispatch and distribution. Target 3PL can offer competitive delivery solutions using our preferred carrier networks, pallet carriers or container shippers. We also provide our own 'white van' delivery service for those 'awkward' situations.

Single Item Dispatch

Direct selling companies need an individual component pick and dispatch facility to accommodate personalised customer orders. Target 3PL can scale its operation to working with low volume start-ups through to receiving EDI, XML or other automated order feeds (subject to integration survey). Our central stock control system has direct API integration capabilities with multiple market places and eCommerce platforms.

Read more about our integrations here.

Our system can download orders for dispatch, update your platform when we ship and control your online inventory levels automatically.

Multiple Item Dispatch

Multiple stock orders, mixed pallet consignments and bulk orders can be accommodated and prepared as per your customers, intake requirements.


Sometimes it's necessary to pre-work stock before it goes out, this could be a simple label placement through to a complete pre-work of stock before dispatch. Target 3PL can provide extensive pre-working facilities.


Stock returning to a business may need re-working to facilitate its sale to another customer. Target Fulfilment can offer extensive re-working facilities. This could include de-labelling and re-labelling, re-boxing and product re-configuration.

Returns Handling and Grading

Customer returns and warranty stock sometimes can require grading to establish the value of re-sale. Target Fulfilment can offer a grading process and re-work process if needed. We may also be able to assist with the disposal of returned stock in some situations.